Rachel started her fitness career at 19 years old (2005) for the only reason that she needed a job after school. A gym owner gave her a full time job as fitness instructor and managing a small gym facility. Although Rachel enjoyed sport, she didn’t care much for “being healthy”, drinking, trying drugs and poor food choices were a normal part of life. 

Rachel slowly developed the career and became a personal trainer, body composition coach and later a gym manager in Sydney CBD. She spent time and money doing courses, learning from Olympic coaches and professional athletes, to know how to get herself and clients the maximum results. 

In 2014, her and trainer husband Mark, opened their own gym called Establish. They used their knowledge as trainers to build a facility that focused on fat loss and body composition. Rachel also became a mum not long after. 

At first the career was all about her and her goals, even completing a national fitness competition. She completed her own body transformations and also helped 100’s of gym members complete their own. 

After the birth of her second child and now having more responsibilities, with a cafe alongside the gym, Rachel was overwhelmed and stressed. Health and fitness was now non-existent and she was mentally not coping.  

Rachel realized that health and fitness is so much more than the external appearance or just body compositional changes. It is also about the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of every individual. This was realized more clearly when she was forced to close her business in 2021, being heavily affected by forced business closures in the 2 covid lockdowns. This lockdown also caused a ripple effect where her family had to sell their home to help with the financial pressures.

Her spiritual and mental health were now a vital part of her health plan, as the changes affected her physical body, where she went to hospital multiple times. Her home and school location, as she needed to move her and her family back to Sydney for work. Her family, friends and support system, as she lost many members and friends in the process and moved away from all her family. 

Her relationship with God and the miracles she experienced throughout this period is the reason for her wholeness approach to health and fitness 

Rachel’s whole motivation is to help other people get physically, spiritually and mentally healthy and reveal how to focus on all three for ultimate and enjoyable health!

Welcome to “Bold Body Mind”